Common questions and answers to help you navigate our platform.

How long does an exchange take?

Typically, an exchange process completes within one block from the moment your coins are received. The exact duration varies, ranging between 30 seconds to 5 minutes, contingent upon the block time of the specific coin you're receiving.

What if I need help?

Our team of experts is available at any time to assist you.

You can reach us via the Contact Us page, and all messages are responded to within 24 hours, often within 1 hour.

Alternatively, you can engage with us instantly using Live Chat for immediate assistance when available.

Are exchanges guaranteed?

Absolutely! Every exchange transaction is fully guaranteed, ensuring zero risk to your funds.

Presently boasting a 100% success rate, our platform ensures seamless transactions. However, in the rare instance of an error, your funds will be promptly returned to the wallet address from which they originated.

Do I maintain custody of my coins?

Indeed! To securely receive coins, you'll need a compatible wallet.

With this setup, your funds are securely stored by you within the wallet, ensuring 100% ownership. Neither us nor any other entity will ever gain access to your coins.

Why is ID not required?

Recognizing the paramount importance of ensuring universal access to cryptocurrency exchange, irrespective of location, wealth, or political inclination, our business operations adhere to international regulations that obviate the need for customer ID verification.

How does the exchange process work?

Executing an exchange is remarkably swift, typically completing within 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It's a simple process: select the desired coin and amount you wish to send, alongside the coin you wish to receive, send the required funds, and our platform automatically returns the corresponding value of the desired coin. Our proprietary system guarantees 100% accuracy, speed, and privacy throughout the process.

Need help with something else?
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